15 Management Tips to Save You Time

Time is a precious resource. It is limited and non-renewable. Success for executives and managers requires good time management. This is especially true for small business owners who may have high expectations, fewer resources, and many functional “hats” to wear. As journalist and author Raymond Arroyo said, “Successful people understand the value of time.”

Time management then means organizing, scheduling, and using disciplined practices to get more done. That means getting more important things done, not consuming more time.

Good time management is the efficient and effective use of time. Here are 15 tips to better manage and save time:

• As Stephen R. Covey counseled, “Put first things first.” That means scheduling the most important action items on your calendar before the less important. Work on the most important things first. 

• Give yourself tighter deadlines than might be easily comfortable and stick to them. 

• Make a to-do list and stick to it. 

• Block out key chunks of time for those major actions that really make a difference. 

• Organize your work area. Time management includes undistracted focus. 

• Don’t make the mistake of multitasking. 

• Delegate things that others can (and should) do. 

• Don’t bend to “upward delegation.” 

• Hire a high-performance team and empower them to do their best work. 

• If you get stuck on something and can’t make progress, either move on or get help. 

• Hire a coach or seek a mentor, someone who can help guide you and keep you accountable. 

• Block out time for creative and strategic thinking. 

• Avoid distractions like email and media. Save routine items to the end of the day. 

• Schedule time for yourself. Take short breaks to keep your body fresh and relaxed. 

• Good time management requires practice. Be relentless.  

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