5 Best Ways To Invest Money

Investing money is a great way to generate additional income. Instead of allowing your money to sit untouched, you can put it to work earning some extra cash. Here are five of the best ways to invest money whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned pro.

1. Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate is a great option if you have enough capital to do so. The best way to earn money on real estate investments is by buying and renting out property. These can be anything from office buildings to condos to vacation homes.

2. Stock Market

Buying stock is a tried and true approach to investing for virtually any budget. Stock prices range from less than one dollar to thousands of dollars. Generally, higher priced stocks will produce a greater return, but cheap stocks, or penny stocks, are a great way to start investing. You can make money by selling stocks when the market price is greater than what you paid for it or by collecting dividends.

3. Savings Accounts

If you want to invest with no risk, a savings account may be the best option for you. The money in your account will accrue interest over time. You can maximize your return by selecting an account with higher interest rates and keeping as much money as possible in the account. The more money you have in the account, the more interest you will earn.

4. Retirement Funds

Many employers offer the benefit of a 401k option. You can choose to deposit a small percentage of your paycheck into your 401k account. This money is then invested and the return is added to the account. The money you contribute to your 401k is not taxed at the time of deposit, decreasing the amount of income tax you have to pay in the current year.

5. Gold

Investing in gold is a good way to diversify your portfolio and avoid losses due to inflation. Gold coins or bullion can be purchased from a number of places including certain banks. The resale price of gold frequently increases, allowing you to sell it for more than the price you paid for it.

If you’re looking for additional income, investing money is a great way to generate it. Some of the best ways to invest include commercial real estate, stocks, savings accounts, retirement funds and gold. Investing using multiple methods will diversify your portfolio and help you get a return regardless of volatility in certain markets.

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