How Entrepreneurs Get Growth Capital

It is natural for every small business owner to hesitate to take loans or issue equity to fuel their business’s growth. However, an extra capital injection is necessary to escape from the stagnating nature most ventures experience. Reaching out to credit unions and independent community banks for loans is an excellent example of how entrepreneurs get growth capital.

Here are other routes small business owners can take to acquire capital for growing their ventures.

Owner Investment

Personal investment is a must when sourcing funds to grow your business. Rare are the scenarios when the owner funds the entire project with outside funding only, especially in new fields. The most significant benefit of investing in your business is that it shows how confident you are in the business’s perspective and may attract other valuable investors to the operation.

Venture Capital Firms

Venture capital firms are institutions whose function is explicit to investing in under-developed businesses in exchange for equity. These institutions invest large amounts of funding on behalf of the client, and they are greatly concerned with the direction of the company. The only downside to this approach is that it dilutes your stake of ownership.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are individuals or a group of individuals seeking to invest on behalf of their clients. Their functioning is very similar to that of venture capitals, and their investment patterns are based on their personal opinion about the concerned project. These investors may want to be included and contribute to making company decisions on the board.

Borrowed Funds

Debts and loans are an effective way to obtain growth capital for your business. Most financial institutions are ready to offer assistance to local companies, and the good thing is that they do not attempt to control your business directly. The only challenge with this approach is that repaying the loan can adversely affect your business growth if not managed correctly.

The funding sources mentioned in this article are more than enough for every small business owner to get growth capital. Choose a route that aligns with your company goals, and wait for results. Contact Advanced Commercial Capital LLC to learn more on how entrepreneurs get funding to grow their businesses.

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