We Reward Our Brokers Fairly for Their Work

Brokers work hard to bring business to Advanced Commercial Capital, LLC, and we greatly appreciate their efforts. That’s why we’re known for our second-to-none referral and broker program. This program offers very good referral fees and prompt commissions for deals we successfully fund. We appreciate every deal that our brokers mean to us, whether it’s a few thousand dollars or a few million.

Our program offers the following benefits:

  • Consistent reciprocal referrals
  • Rapid payments each time a deal is closed
  • High-quality continuing relationships
  • Upfront fee disclosures

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about our referral and broker program and how you can benefit from it.

Work on Our Sales Team

Our sales team is full of capable professionals who are self-motivated and know what it takes to become successful. If you’re interested in joining our team, here are some of the benefits you can have at your fingertips.

  • Versatile lending capabilities
  • Access to top-tier financing resources that help you fund deals quickly
  • Opportunities to work from various locations as needed
  • Exceptional commissions and rewards for hard work

If these advantages sound appealing to you, our sales program may be a good fit for your professional goals.

Attributes We Value in Salespeople

We’re looking for specific types of people to fill our available sales positions. We particularly value the following attributes because people with these attributes tend to experience greater sales success:

  • Positive attitude: If you’re happy and approachable, you’re more likely to close deals than someone who comes across as negative.
  • Organized: We need salespeople who are impeccably organized and know how to guide customers smoothly through the sales process.
  • Confident: To succeed as a salesperson, confidence is a must.
  • Motivated: You need to be self-motivated if you want to experience optimum success as a salesperson.

If these attributes seem to describe you, please give us a call and schedule an interview. We look forward to meeting you and determining your eligibility for our sales team!