Tips for Improving Your Word-Of-Mouth Lead Generation

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective leads. In fact, most individuals (82%) admit that they will ask their friends and family for recommendations before they purchase a service or product. Therefore, you have to ensure that your customers’ experiences with your products and services are exceptional. Because your business may depend on word-of-mouth lead generation, these are a few tips you may follow.

Pursue Conversations

As a busy professional, you have many obligations. However, you are probably constantly asked questions about your business, how you made it work, your products, etc. Recognize that you are more than just a business owner or manager. You are also a company representative. Therefore, you need to treat every request as if it is coming from your most valuable customer.

Take the time to meet with other people and share your story. Provide advice or help them start their own companies. Don’t expect anything in return for these meetings. Just give your time out of kindness and respect for others. You will find that you develop relationships and network connections that will pay you back in spades in the years to come.

Gather Testimonials

Your customers probably read customer reviews and testimonials before they purchase your products. The more evidence you can show potential customers that you have a great company and product, the more secure they will feel about their purchases. Therefore, ask your satisfied customers for testimonials that you can post on your website and social media accounts. You can also ask your employees for testimonials about working at your company. However, always request your contributors’ permission to publish their names and photos. You may even encourage these individuals to post video testimonials.

Get Personal

You probably meet thousands of people when you are at networking events, industry trade shows, meetings, etc. You will gather hundreds, if not thousands, of business cards. Don’t let these connections drop as soon as the event is over. Instead, contact them. Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, offer you a quick, easy tool for reconnecting with the people you meet outside your office. However, avoid posting general comments that could apply to anyone. Instead, make it personal. Discuss something you remember from your conversation or their experience.

If you want to reconnect, don’t send an invitation without a personal note. Focus on building relationships rather than making deals. Like you, other business owners, your customers and prospective employees want to work with people they trust.

Lead generation is vital to most businesses. Therefore, consider these tips to help you gain word-of-mouth advertising and generate valuable leads for your business. 

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