Tips for Increasing Office Creativity

Creativity in your office helps you and your staff gain meaningful results. In addition, innovation is necessary for today’s highly competitive global economy. Therefore, consider these tips for increasing the creative atmosphere of your office.

Share the Company’s Mission and Vision Regularly

Your company mission and vision should be at the forefront of your operations. Your employees should not only understand these facets of your organization, but they should understand how their jobs contribute to the achievement of your overall goals and mission. Knowing your mission and vision can also help your employees develop targeted strategies that fulfill them.

Knowing your company’s values and future goals also connects your employees to the organization in a deeper, more personal way. They become invested in your success as well as their own.

Encourage Collaboration

Every person in your company has different experiences, education levels and ideas. Therefore, they bring different skills and perspectives to a project. When you encourage collaboration, your staff starts to see projects from different perspectives. This allows them to develop truly innovative ideas.

Be sure you provide a large enough area to accommodate group collaborations, such as conference rooms. Include any tools they may need, such as bulletin boards, software or whiteboards.

Outsource for New Perspectives

Consider searching for outside perspectives and opinions on your internal projects. Choose individuals or companies that are not in your industry. These professionals may use your products and services. You are looking for a spark of creativity that can be translated into your project, one your team hadn’t thought about already.

Build Creative Workspaces

Offices with comfortable seating areas, inspiring décor or creative play can create a creative atmosphere. Lounges and focus rooms allow for inspiration that can turn into your next big money maker. Choose artwork, tools and furniture that reflect your company’s brand and promote comfort and imagination.

Also, consider using flexible workspaces because not every employee will be inspired by the same things. Allow your employees to design their creative spaces and offices. You may also create outdoor spaces that inspire. You may even encourage some of your staff to work outside the office to gain additional inspiration.

Recognize Accomplishments

Your staff needs acknowledgment and praise. When they feel as if they are doing well, they are more willing to take risks and share ideas. They also feel valued and tend to increase their productivity. Share your employees’ successes and failures. Make them learning experiences without embarrassing your staff.

You spent time and money hiring highly qualified, passionate, creative staff members. Consider these tips to improve their creativity.

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