Grow Your Business With Accounts Receivable Financing

Advanced Commercial Capital’s accounts receivable financing can provide your business with the assets it needs to expand. By purchasing accounts receivable invoices at a discount rate, we can help companies in any financial state, from fresh start-ups to businesses in bankruptcy. Using financing receivables is dependent on the credit of your customer rather than your own, which means that this kind of financing allows you to sell an asset instead of incurring debt.

What We Offer

Along with free credit insurance for qualifying accounts, you’ll receive these benefits with accounts receivable funding from Advanced:

  • Fast cash: Receive money in as little as 24 hours.
  • Peace of mind: We include no-cost credit insurance on your customers and clients.
  • Flexible financing: Use our financing to grow any kind of business with no fixed payments.
  • Growth: Your funding increases as sales and receivables increase.

Seasonal demands or new opportunities are no longer a factor with our financing, and you’ll be able to confidently take on larger new accounts. Financing receivables also allows you to cover costs and grow your business by paying for operating or expansion costs, inventory, payroll, or financing bulk discounts for customers.

How To Use Our Services

Growing your business has never been easier. Call Advanced today for a free application, and let us help you expand your company.