Take Great Care of Your Seasonal Business With Equipment Leasing Options

At Advanced Commercial Capital we offer the best equipment financing for businesses of every size. These include construction companies, service businesses, restaurants, coffee shops and industrial manufacturers. Many of these businesses operate on a seasonal basis, which can present challenges for traditional financing. However, with our flexible equipment leasing and financing options, you can make payments with a schedule that is comfortable for your business’s annual work schedule.

Why We Provide Equipment Financing for Seasonal Businesses

We have extensive experience with every kind of company, from gas stations to theaters. The truth is that some types of business formats simply work better with a seasonal schedule. For example, general contractors, farmers and lawn care experts are constrained by cold weather in many parts of the U.S. In their cases, seasonal operations make smart business sense, minimizing overhead and maximizing profits in the best way possible. We believe that effective financing for equipment should adapt to your company’s revenue needs, not the other way around.

How Equipment Leasing Can Benefit Your Seasonal Business

With our versatile lease options, you can obtain the equipment you need to provide excellent customer service without putting a burden on your cash flow or working capital. Our leases feature a number of benefits for seasonal businesses:

  • Low interest rates
  • Small monthly payments
  • Flexible terms — no down payment
  • Seasonal payment options
  • Versatile equipment opportunities
  • Great tax benefits
  • Excellent programs for businesses with less-than-perfect credit

It’s a relief not to have to worry about hefty payments when you’re just getting started during the season. We can schedule payments in a way that feels natural to your own cycle of revenue. The idea is to help your business have a strong financial foundation.

How To Get Started

Certain types of businesses — especially ones that have been established for several years — may choose to apply for equipment financing instead of equipment leasing. For example, construction companies may benefit from purchasing heavy equipment outright instead of leasing. Once you pay off this equipment, it gives your business even greater freedom.

To learn about the benefits of all the equipment financing options available, contact us right away.