Great Small Business Loans for American Businesses

The U.S. government has a vested interest in helping small businesses succeed. After all, these businesses make up the bulk of the U.S. economy. Loans backed by the Small Business Administration are created with small business owners in mind, so they’re favorable to the challenges and goals of many smaller companies. At Advanced Commercial Capital, we’re proud to work with America’s greatest businesses. We can help you obtain the right financing for a wide variety of needs.

What Are SBA Loans For?

In simple terms, SBA-backed loans are set aside for virtually any need tied to expansion, growth or the financial health of small businesses. They’re practical for shoring up your company’s financial well-being, expanding into new areas or investing in important avenues of company growth:

  • Purchasing office equipment
  • Investing in computer systems
  • Buying heavy machinery
  • Paying for new building construction
  • Purchasing existing real estate
  • Securing diagnostics equipment
  • Updating your business tools
  • Expanding your company’s fleet or repair capabilities

In addition to all of these valuable possibilities, several small business loan options allow you to request additional working capital. This working capital is yours to spend how you see fit, which gives you even more freedom for building an incredible company. That way you can entice your customers to support American businesses instead of shopping abroad.

Who Qualifies for a Small Business Loan?

As we said, at Advanced, we’re happy to support American business owners. We know how hard you’ve worked over the years to make your business a success, and we feel that should be rewarded. As long as your company has consistent cash flow and reasonable credit, we focus primarily on your passion and dedication when approving SBA loans. This is relatively easy for many U.S. companies, since SBA financing is specifically geared towards small businesses in the first place.

Whether you have a thriving body shop, a seasonal lawn care business or a high-tech advertising firm, we can help you get the financing your company needs. Contact us right away to learn more.