Let Us Help Improve the Health of Your Business

As a healthcare practitioner like a chiropractor, doctor or dentist, you likely want to put all your focus on taking proper care of your patients. When you experience financial troubles, you may need to consult with someone who specializes in financial health rather than physical health. Advanced Commercial Capital specializes in various types of healthcare financing, such as expansion loans, working capital, equipment financing and practice acquisition financing.

Debt Consolidation

Nothing holds you back like bothersome debt. We offer debt consolidation so you only have to remember a single payment and due date. Even better, you only have to deal with one interest rate, which could free up funds for your practice.

Working Capital

Could your practice use an influx of cash? A few features of our working capital financing option include:

  • We don’t report your funding to personal credit bureaus.
  • You enjoy loan terms for as long as 72 months.
  • You don’t have to make payments upfront.

With liquid capital, you have an umbrella to help you weather the inevitable hard times.

Equipment Leasing

Quality medical equipment can be rather expensive, and it may make more sense to lease equipment rather than buy it outright. With our equipment leasing program, we can take care of half the soft costs of equipment.

Interested in learning more about our healthcare financing program? Contact a representative with your questions.